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Affordable, secure and extremely performant cloud based hosting powered by UK based experts.

What we do, and

How we do it

  • Simple, transparent pricing

    We provide a transparent quoting process for your infrastructure and pride ourselves on saving all of our customers hundreds and sometimes thousands a month!

  • Multi level service agreements

    Corefinity offers a fully featured managed service level agreement as standard for all servers bought through us or transferred to us.

    We also offer more comprehensive SLA's to provide you with the peace of mind that your business requires.

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  • Specialised application knowledge

    Each stack has been built by specialised developers working with that platform for many years.

    We know Magento inside out and have an extensive set of checklists for security, performance and best practices that we run each store through upon migration and then at a scheduled interval based on your SLA level.

    This also means that we can offer emergency code support that is rapid, reliable and expertly provided.

  • Fully featured control panel

    We have imagined a control panel simple yet powerful to empower all members of your team to do what they need to do.

    We make scaling up or down super easy and reliable as well as allowing you to meet your disaster recovery plans by hosting a portion of the infrastructure on a secondary cloud provider but managed through the same powerful control panel.

  • Faster means cheaper

    Did you know a faster website will not only improve your conversion and Google ranking but also will cost less to run every month?

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  • Let us simplify and modernise your application

    We know all applications and stores are unique, we've built the software stack not only to allow flexibility around where to host your application, but also flexibility around hosting custom and unique applications with a wide variety of requirements.

    By offering an extensively featured set of service level agreements, we can build custom deployment and development pipelines to simplify yet modernise your infrastructure.

  • Reliability

    Leveraging reliable and widely adapted cloud providers combined with pro-active monitoring and 24/7 UK based support.

  • Security

    Extensive Firewall, Cloud enabled Virus & Malware detection coupled with scheduled & automated PCI compliance & vulnerability scanning.

  • Scalibility

    Automated and reliable scaling based on resource usage and/or time or season based.

  • Flexibility

    Let us reimagine your custom and unique application with a focus around automations and efficiency.

Specialised Engineers + Technical Innovations = The STACK

  • 24/7 UK Based Global support

    We pride ourselves on our 24/7 UK based global support available by phone, via tickets or even on live chat. You can always talk to our experts when you need us.

    Proactive monitoring

    User journey monitoring coupled with extensive resource monitoring allows us to create a pipeline of warnings across the infrastructure that our engineers work from 24/7 to ensure these warnings do not become a critical issue.

  • Scheduled infrastructure reviews

    Extensive service level agreements offering scheduled infrastructure reviews with senior engineers to work with your team in improving, future proofing and cost savings across the infrastructure.

    Scheduled performance audits

    Extensive service level agreements offering scheduled performance and comparison audits with workshops to work through the issues and meet performance requirements.

  • 0 Downtime deployments

    The stack offers a built-in 0-deployment pipeline that is customisable to your requirements and work flows with functionality such as auto-deployments to staging environments and easy rollbacks.

    Log management

    We’ve taken log management to another level by implementing the best of open source with our platform agnostic control panel allowing you to view and manage logs of multiple servers and services in place.

  • Platform agnostic

    Full automation around a range of trusted cloud providers allows flexibility around how much your infrastructure is hated where, helping you meet your disaster recovery requirements.

    SSL Management

    Corefinity partners with Let's Encrypt to provide universal, fully automated SSL certificates across it’s infrastructure. We also have options for custom SSLs as well as Extensive Validation SSls that can be purchased.

  • Ramdisk

    Our software stack uniquely reduces I/O and HDD operations drastically by placing all of the Magento and your custom/plugins codebase on a RAM disk.


    Automated, scheduled and high-frequency snapshots managed in one place with multiple options on how to recover them. From recovery in place to creating a new server or even a new URL for your application, we’ve got them all.

  • Performance focused

    Our stack has been built with a focus around platform, years of benchmarking and engineering means a fraction of the load times of your current infastructure.

    DNS management

    Corefinity teams up with Cloudflare to provide fully cloud-based DNS management for your sites and domains that is managed in one place.

  • Advanced database clusters

    We offer the cutting edge in database clusters allowing high availability as well as high performance across a customisable and manageable number of servers.

    Load balancer

    High capacity, highly available and scalable solution built on a trusted and battle proven technology.

  • PCI Compliant stack

    Our stack has been designed fully PCI compliant and we have helped hundreds of merchants become compliant by migrating to our modernised solution.


    A military grade encryption and cloud aware solution offering functionality such as two factor authentication and intrusion detection system, ensures your store is not another statistic in cyber crime.

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Supported Cloud Providers:

  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure

Client testimonials

Success stories

  • The fact is, Corefinity helped us through a very difficult period which would have otherwise been disastrous for our company. The first calendar quarter of this year has been superb for business, and we have hit record figures with Corefinity's help. It is often said that you judge a company by the way problems are dealt with - well done Corefinity 12 out of 10!

    I cannot praise the team at Corefinity highly enough. With what we went through before starting with them, our experience has to be considered a successful "rescue mission".

    We changed our eCommerce platform to Magento last August, but we had consistent ongoing problems at the time with another hosting company. Things came to a head in December as we were ramping up for our busiest time of year – Christmas and New Year. As web traffic increased, so did the problems – we had a slow website with many outages, which is not what you need with a warehouse full of stock ready for our peak trading season! Our hosting company could not solve the issues despite many failed attempts.

    As we got to Christmas week, things hit rock bottom. Our website was very erratic and going down every day. We were losing huge amounts of turnover, and were in big trouble.

    Something had change fast. Our only way out was to change to a different hosting company with more expertise and knowledge of Magento - but it was only 3 days until Christmas. It seemed like commercial suicide to even consider transferring our website to another hosting company at this time of year! Who would even consider taking on our project so close to Christmas? Having traded online for over 16 years, this was the most stressful situation we had ever encountered.

    We were desperate and out of options, so we started looking for an alternative solution as we had no choice. We did the usual - a Google search. Out of many results, I came across Corefinity. Their website said the things I need to hear, so I speculatively called them. This was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    They listened to us and considered our problems with an extremely positive and helpful attitude. Things suddenly seemed brighter! They could have my site running on their servers for inspection and if acceptable, migrated and live within a few hours. I was expecting a migration to take days, especially at Christmas. We hit the button and migrated - as promised, we were live and trading successfully again within hours. Unbelievable considering what we had been through, but true!

    A little while later, the biggest test came - we became the victims of a sustained DDOS attack, which can spell disaster unless you know what you're doing. Fortunately, Corefinity did, and were helpful and flexible enough see it through - we continued trading despite efforts of others to stop us.

    Managing Director

    Peter Tyson

  • Corefinity's hosting has been fantastic. After being with the company for two years, we've only had a couple of instances where we've had alerts, Your response time is wonderful and you're always quick to react to any issues, should they occur - in the time it takes to write a ticket, the issue is already resolved! As a whole, you are a wonderful company to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your hosting.

    Managing Director


  • We now have around 8 managed servers with Corefinity and slowly moving away from 1and1. I need the support they provide me and my confidence with them is high. Where possible and if budget suffices on a project, I would refer Corefinity (and I do). Their knowledge, support skills and patience is amazing.

    Raj Gorsia, IT Director

    Your World Healthcare

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